Isidoro's cuisine

Only the finest ingredients are used to prepare Restaurant Isidoro's beautifully presented dishes, all of which inspired by the great Mediterranean culinary tradition.
Flavour-packed dishes to delight the senses, cooked in a way so as to exalt the freshness of the quality ingredients used.

Fish, shellfish and seafood are major protagonists, also used in the sauces for the restaurant's wonderful fresh pasta. Isidoro's prime cuts of meat are served Mediterranean style, perhaps accompanied by a salad of peppery rocket leaves or succulent, sun-ripened tomatoes, dressed in the very best Italian olive oil.

Pizzas, of every possible variety imaginable, are served both at lunch and dinner.

Restaurant Isidoro's pastries and desserts, all made according to age-old traditional recipes, will tempt even the most devout of dieters.

Ensuring the perfect accompaniment to each and every meal, Restaurant Isidoro’s wine cellar houses an excellent selection of Italian wines.